Good Food For Your Pets!

Can dogs eat that? Apples, salmon, pumpkin, beans, yogurt… people foods that are safe for your dog to eat. As a responsible and informed dog lover, you probably know that too much “people food” can make your dog ill or overweight, but there are some human foods that can be safely added to your dog’s meals in moderation to give a nutritional boost to Queenie’s diet and add a bit of variety to her food bowl. Just remember: any additions to your dog’s meals shouldn’t comprise more than 25 percent of her weekly caloric requirement.,%28a%20source%20of%20vitamin%20A%29.%20More%20items…%20
Yogurt for dogs, yogurt healthy for dogs and a good source of calcium
Pumpkin healthy for dogs
is flax seed good for dog, dog eating flax seed, flax seed oil
healthy dog treat sweet potato
salmon slices for dogs
eggs for dogs
green beans as a source of fibre for dogs,%28a%20source%20of%20vitamin%20A%29.%20More%20items…%20,Lactose%20Cheeses%20%28Cottage%20Cheese%29%203%20Yogurt%20%28Plain%2C%20Low-Fat%29http://cats

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