Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

We’ve all seen how livestock, including cows, sheep, and goats, love gnawing on grass. It’s fine for grazing to be their pastime because their stomachs are able to digest all of the cellulose in grass. Unlike those animals, dogs are omnivores, related to meat-eating hunters like wolves.

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Got Anxiety? There May Be A Cat For That!

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Many people with anxiety have found adopting pets soothes their souls. Pets have been known to lower cortisol levels, reduce stress and dampen our human fight or flight instincts (which often lead to anxiety). The Cornell Feline Health Center at Cornell University says petting a cat, even for just a few minutes, can improve mood. Dogs are often the go-to when it comes to adopting an emotional support animal. This makes sense for folks who may need a pet they can take with them out into the world. However, cats could prove the better choice for some people with anxiety.

Your Dog’s Facial Expressions Mean What?

A perfect example of the dichotomy between dog-to-dog and dog-to-human facial expressions is eye contact. Between dogs, eye contact signals aggression, according to Wag, a site that offers services like dog-walking and pet-sitting. Between humans, eye contact is an integral part of communication. We reward eye contact from other humans as well as dogs.

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Walking Your Dog? See What Vets Say

Veterinarian Jamie Richardson, medical chief of staff at Small Door Veterinary, told Insider that approaching unfamiliar dogs without asking their owners could lead to a dangerous situation. (Sophia Mitrokostas) –

“No matter how friendly your dog is, you don’t know how the other dog might react,” said Richardson. (Sophia Mitrokostas) –
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Why Does A Dog Lower It’s Head…

When dogs lower their head when you pet them, it may seem like they are not enjoying the interaction. Recognizing the accompanying body language can tell you a lot about how the dog feels. Learn what can make dogs “head shy” and what better ways there are to approach them.

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Winter Safety Tips For Your Pets

A variety of dangers lurk during the chilly winter months. Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe.
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