Flowers That Are Toxis To Dogs


As a dog guardian, it’s important to be aware of the various Spring plants that are toxic to dog. As Spring arrives, our walks may take on new routes or you might be spending more time in your backyard. Whatever the activity, when we’re spending time outdoors with our dogs we want to be able to keep them safe.

Flowers To Plant This Spring Season×670/filters:format(webp)/556acea1-99f4-487e-82cf-ad268d231ed9–2019-0131_floral-society_individual-seeds_flower_1x1_rocky-luten_017.jpg
  • 1. Pansies
  • 2. Marigolds
  • 3. Petunias
  • 4. Zinnias
  • 5. Sunflowers
  • 6. Sweet Pea
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