Poem by MwsR

Sometimes by MwsR

Imagine your life in a happier time
Sometimes that’s how I remember mine.
Times that made you smile and shine
Things that were easily peace of mind.

Sometimes things are complicated
Even can leave us exasperated.
That is when remembering steps in
Of a wonderful place or time that has been.

Our minds serve many purposes and jobs
They can be reminders or be like a tripod
Supportive and will keep us held higher
That are the good ones the ones that inspire.

Sometimes there are reminders of deeds gone wrong
Sometimes it plays in our heads like a bad song.
This isn’t the way most would want it to be
They only want the good ones you see.

But to grow and have happiness
There have to be both of them
Wrong and right reminders
So we learn, appreciate, and have no blinders.

Remember all the thoughts, deeds, and pain
There never can be any growth if there never is rain.
Move forward always but reflect on what’s gone,
This is necessary for all, not wrong.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

Published by

Mws R

"If you are going to write, write from the heart." MwsR "Life has not been the easiest, but it could have been worse!" MwsR Life is about doing all you can to help others. Don't go chasing rainbows, make your own pot of gold. Love, Hope, Faith, the greatest of these is Love!

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