Everyday’s A Goodbye by MwsR

Waking to see that you are still near me

Listening to your every breath

Recording the rhythm it has, to my mind

Each stroke brings to mind a memory

Touching your fur and feeling the texture,

Sniffing you and thinking that this is nice

You nudge closer to my face,

As if to say, “I love this”

Everyday is like a goodbye

Looking at your big green eyes

Whispering to you that you are special

Loved and my furbaby for all time

I know in my heart without doubt, your mine

And I am yours

Accepted by a cat, loved by a soul

This is how I see things.

Everyday is a like saying goodbye

Knowing that in time this cancer will win

Knowing that there is a timeline, signalling the end.

It hurts worse than I can say

I have made you a part of everyday

For 15 years now

Still seems so short,

In comparison to all you’ve given me

The love that grew between me and you.

Everyday there is a heartache,

Knowing time draws near

I respond as best I know how

In my actions, words, and care

Sometimes it is just stroking your hair

Everyday it feels like a goodbye

I wonder, do you know?

Can you feel my heart breaking,

As I try little by little to let you go?

Do you want me to make things better?

I would if I could.

I want to so badly.

Love is hard when you have to let go

The loving you part is easy

Letting you go is like losing a part of myself when,

Everyday is saying goodbye,

Everyday I feel the need to cry

I want to pretend just a while longer,

But then,

I know I need to capture each moment,

Each embrace needs to be remembered.

The good and fun times with you,

Are they what’s going to be pull me through?

For you however, your spirit will soar!

Although you will not be near me anymore.

Everyday is hard

But each day that comes is a blessing

Each day with you, my sweet sweet Meow.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Published by

Mws R

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