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Good News—-Cat leaps from window of burning building in Chicago — and sticks the landing | Fox News

A cat landed safely and survived after jumping out of an upper-story window of a burning building in Chicago Thursday, video shows.
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In spending his twenties dealing drugs in southeast Washington D.C. during the crack epidemic, Rodney Stotts would be the last person one would imagine as being interested in falconry.

Falconry Saves Man from Life of Crime, Now he Helps Birds and At-Risk Youth Take flight (

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Chef Drives 6 Hours to Vermont to Cook Her Favorite Meal—Soothing a Customer In Her Final Days (

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Great-grandmother earns college degree at 90 years old (

It is never too late to earn a degree, or do just about anything you may have wanted to get accomplished. Here is a lady that defines the word “determination.” Check it out.


At 90 years old, great-grandma Marion Thomas earned her college degree from Georgian Court University after putting her education on hold to care for her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

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‘Papa’ makes quilts to wrap people in need with love (

Alan Alda and woman posing for a picture

The 80-year-old says he doesn’t show much emotion, but he does like the way it feels when he finds out one of his quilts has made an impact on someone.

‘Papa’ makes quilts to wrap people in need with love (

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Teen saves family from house fire after they lost their sense of smell from COVID-19 (