Blue~ Some Background

Birth~ and beyond

Blue was adopted. She knew the family that adopted her was her biological relatives. Her Aunt adopted her and she was being raised alongside her (cousins) a brother and sister. She had no idea of her birth mom or that she had a biological sister. This would take until she was an adult to find out.

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Blue was the middle-aged child in the family dynamics. She was freckled faced and blue eyed. She was petite in stature and had light brown hair. She had a birthmark on her left side of her neck, it ran under her chin and onto her chin just a dab. She often felt self-conscious of it and would hide it with turtle neck shirts and collared shirts. She was somewhat a tomboy but loved getting dolled up and made pretty, too.

Blue was shy and often she felt awkward at talking to others. She was rather popular and outgoing at school but not around adults. She sometimes had many questions but remained silent. She would much rather talk to the birds and creatures, then any human. Reserved and guarded she would sometimes carry on conversations with an adult, but usually, she just listened with a curious ear.

Blue was great at singing solos and in her school choir. She felt that singing was one of her gifts in life and often sang in her church choir, as well as her schools choir. Sometimes she would sing for the congregation during Sunday services. This brought her much peace and made her feel accomplished and appreciated. She always said, she was better at singing than talking.

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Often, Blue would go out of her way to make someone feel good and she often would extend a conversation to the kids at school whom others would make fun of. Blue was caring and thoughtful to those whom she saw being mistreated or ostracized. This was just because blue carried empathy for others. She knew all the feelings of being left out, sad and hurt…

Blue’s father that had adopted her was not a good dad. He would look at Blue like something other than a daughter. He would come to be the reason Blue distrusts people and has a hard time believing what they say. No one in Blue’s life hurt her as bad as her dad. Her mother was someone Blue loved dearly, but in time her mother would find it hard to have a good relationship with Blue. Her mother had many demons of her own and often sheltered or tried to control Blue to the point that Blue never felt safe. Her mother knew about her dad’s issue and gave a blind eye to them. This would hurt Blue tremendously and ultimately ruin their relationship.

Blue never felt safe at home. She felt a prisoner in her own family’s house. She was not allowed to go outside and play often times, because her mother was afraid someone would kidnap her. She would often go spend the night with a friend and see how a normal family acted. Blue had a hard time understanding all that would go on in her home. Blue never gave up hope for a better life, a better kind of healthy love, and a life that would bring her blessings and a family of her own.

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Please follow along in the stories of Blue.

To be continued…

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