Tag: Abused perspective


rectangular wooden frame mirror
Photo by Marianna Mercado on Pexels.com

Looking in the mirror before the morning rush

Questioning another’s lust.

Too small to strike any fear in someone

Yet strong enough to evade that someone.

Feeling all your curves and wondering why

You were made a gal and not a guy.

Why is being a gal so hard?

Who says that we need the onlookers eyes

Why must we pay for other’s transgressions

A secret is what we are amongst their lies.

Brushing through your hair

Trying to make yourself less when compared

But never really reaching that goal

It probably wouldn’t matter unless you were real bold.

Wondering what is it you did

Was it in fact your looks

Or was it something more psychological like you read in books.

As you stare at those eyes looking back

You are so lost in the questions that you may lose track

No real answers today, like all the ones before

You just leave your shattered mirror laying on the floor

Who cares anyway it never was inspiring or true

Imagine if you can , if she happened to be you.




Thank you for reading 🙂