Quoting Poetry From The Book” Golden Treasury” by Francis T. Palgrave

Fain would I change that note

To which fond Love hath charm’d me so

Long long to sing by rote,

Fancying that that harm’d me:

Yet when this thought doth come

Love is the perfect sum

Of all delight.

The Passionate Shepherd To His Love/ VIII/Omnia Vincit

Francis Turner Palgrave – Wikipedia

Religious Poem/ Poem Share

antique bible blur book
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


“Flesh is weak and so is the mind who inhabits it.”

I heard that one day back in November.

Silently, I listened to the person speak.

My fingers went numb as I sat so perfectly still.

What was the meaning behind this, was there even any meaning?

I read dutifully ahead in my Bible as I was eager to find the answers…

The words resonated inside my heart

I finally knew the answer to the phrase from the very start

A person is but flesh and bones

Each having their own free will and mind

If they choose the righteous path

They will eventually, escape the final wrath.

If they choose to do the worst of things

Oh,what wrath that decision will bring.

No joy from the worth of things will they get

Sure, monetary satisfaction, “lickady split”

But in the end they will not

It is written in the “Good Book”, that I got.

Goes to show that shortly pleasures are fleeting

Life is about making heavenly choices and believing,

Grow in the wisdom, he so richly gives us all

Then in his presence you will not fall.

You will spend eternal life,

Walking with your Lord, side by side.