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How is everyone doing? I am doing fair. I really can’t complain. I can breathe, can walk, can talk, and can eat. Those thing are important, right?

I just wanted to touch base with all my followers, readers, etc. I am staying busy trying to find those zucchini recipes since I have had a most plentiful zucchini harvest. I am extremely proud of it. I also have an abundance of cucumbers, which I love so that is good. I wish you could freeze cucumbers though since I am afraid some will go bad before I get a chance to eat them all. Anyone else out there that has a garden? If you do what do you most enjoy about it? I enjoy the fact it is saving me money, and it is convenient.

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I am enjoying the time spent with my grandkids and I can learn a lot from watching them, with their excitement for things and their desire to play. We all could, We need to spend much more time enjoying things ourselves. Perhaps cutting off the television, and taking a stroll outside to see the wonderous nature we can enjoy. It was created for our enjoyment. Since I never know what tomorrow will hold for me, and neither do you, we should make the most of our tomorrows and our todays.

I think that there are numerous things we can do to benefit our own lives. Enjoying our world is one! Don’t you agree?

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So I guess that is all I have for today, it is a rainy day here, where I am. Not much else to do but write and think, for me, at least. Hope you all know how much I appreciate your follows, likes, comments, and shares, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I shall see you on this side of the RAINBOW!

Peace and Love<3

Michelle aka MwsR

Thank you for reading 🙂


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Hello Everybody!

I am hoping everyone is faring well. I have been busy doing the usual things like…

Taking care of my cats, my two dogs and my grandkids as well as my kids and husband. I really would not trade those things for anything else, because that is all my life and the things I love the most.

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I hope that everybody is enjoying my webpage still. It seems I am getting more and more onlookers. I have had some come from the internet search , which makes me happy. If you have never tried looking yourself up, you should try it. It is amazing where you show up and what information s being shown about you. Kind of scary though, as well. You never know what kind of crazy people are looking in on you!


I am trying to post daily, seems my three-month preparation has passed now and I am having to write ahead for months to come. That way I never miss posting. It is important, I think, to keep people engaged as well. Comment and message and like people’s writings. It can make all the difference to a person struggling to find a place within this and other communities. I have noticed that not many comment anymore, as they use to on my things. I guess that is just the nature of things. Cannot please everyone and I am not going to beg for anyone to do it. No one should ever have to pry a compliment or comment from this world audience. Just like everything else we do in this world, it is not always going to be noticed or appreciated, or welcomed by all who see. That is totally okay.

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I appreciate those who acknowledge my award, RAKA, and participate. Those who do not acknowledge it, is there a reason for this? I think I make sure to tag people I have nominated and I think this award is fairly simply to participate in. If you know of anything or have a reason for as to why people I nominate do not respond, please let me know. You can email those comments to me.  Thanks ahead for any who do.



I just want to wish everyone a good rest of the week and so forth. I hope those who continue to support me, and encourage me, and comment and follow, know how deeply grateful I am for that.

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I hope to see and hear from you on THIS SIDE OF THE RAINBOW…


MwsR <3


Thank you for reading 🙂