You Don’t Know Me by MwsR

Don’t pretend to know me,

To love me

Or feel anything for me

But a mere acquaintance of mine.

You simply could not be real close

Or real

With me

I think this is a crappy way to be

Since you never tried to know the real me

Or experience life with me

Love me

Need Or want me

Just close your ear to the mention of my name

I cannot stand the fakeness, it is insane.

Teasing my brain.

Don’t even

Don’t tell me how to feel or how to be

There is certain complicated parts to me.

I do not think it is your business and I am not looking for approval.

I spent my younger days worrying about that

What people thought when they looked at me

There is a certain stance people like to take,

They are all a bunch that’s filled with a whole lot of fake.

I see they have nothing better to do

Maybe I should pose to them a question or two.maxresdefault

“Do you act this way at home? or

“Is this reason why you are so alone?

I don’t think they would like me to

That is why instead I choose to talk with just a few.

A few of the best un-judgemental people I’ve met/

There is something special when people just accept you

Your flaws and faults, to name a few

Something that lasts when things make a mess of your life

There is a few who will stand by your side.

Don’t even pretend to understand all I have written

You probably think I am reading someone else’s notes.

Look at your life, and

See if you fit there

There is no more room for you in mine, so beware

I am done, finished , and through with it all

So long, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

                                                                MwsR ❤