MISTAKE/poem by MwsR

woman sleeping
Photo by Ivan Obolensky on Pexels.com

Maybe it’s not real

Maybe this moment is just how I feel.

I often see things I can’t believe,

Maybe this is my own soul’s deceit.

Often times I stray into the night

Surrounded by feelings that something is not right

I often wake without hesitation

But feel disconnected, like I had a transformation.

Travels through the night

They either break your will, courage, or spirit

Didn’t believe all that, until I myself went through it.

Now I know that things are twisted

They are not all black and white, like were insisted.

For one to get into their dreams

They must come to terms with how things seem

Trusting in what they know

What path they need to go.

If it ain’t real, then why can it be felt after I wake

It really can’t be a mistake

Can it?

MwsR ❤