Recurring Dreams? What Do They Mean?

Of all the dreams humans may experience in deep sleep, a recurring dream may feel the most mysterious — and in some cases, the most terrifying. Dreams can vary greatly from person to person; the American Sleep Association notes that people, on average, experience three to five dreams every night, usually lasting between 20 and 30 minutes in length. Because dreams tend to form when humans are in their deepest sleep (a.k.a REM sleep, when your brain recharges overnight!), it is not uncommon to have sweet, pleasant dreams right before confusing ones or even scary nightmares.–%20High%20Minus%20Dormant%20and%2090%20Day%20Non%20Openers

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At Night by MwsR

Night time comes for us all

Taking with it our troubles and dreams.

One will rest soundly,

While another screams.

For some dreams will be enlightening and helpful

But there are a handful,

Of us,we will be frightened by what our dreams will bring.

In our mind, these things are real, or so it seems.

The ones who rest soundly are unaware

That there,

Lying beside them is a person who is not

Someone who desperately is fighting a tightening knot.

Things left in our minds manifest in unusual ways, especially at night

Some will help, some will cause fright.

While one sleeps peaceful and unware,

Others have so much that they must bear.

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