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Fun, Fact, and For You, Friday


An internet sensation, the ever popular “Grumpy Cat” has been made into hundreds of thousands of internet memes, been depicted on t-shirts and the cover of The Wall Street Journal and the New York magazine. Just recently, the cat was given the honor of being cast in wax to be part of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum that is located in San Francisco.

But besides being known as the internet meme cat, the “Grumpy Cat”, whose actual name is Tardar Sauce, lives a relatively normal feline life. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, says that the reason for her cat’s perpetually grumpy expression is due to a combination of under bite problems and feline dwarfism. Tardar Sauce was born with her twin brother Rocky to normal cat parents in April of 2012 and right away the Bundesens’ noticed that something was just a little off with the feline. She was undersized and her hind legs where abnormal but the Bundesens’ say that Tardar Sauce is able to function like a normal cat almost “99% of the time”.

Feline Dwarfism is a condition due to a genetic mutation. In most cases, this mutation manifests itself in the appearance of shorter legs due to bone and cartilage disorders. While some cats like this are bred to have the embedded dwarfish gene, such was not the case with Tardar Sauce. She is a true genetic snowflake. In fact, that type of selective breeding is banned in several countries as it is deemed to be a form of animal cruelty.


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Fact, Fun, and For You, Friday

Up Close look at some flowers!

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FUN Facts

  • The world’s oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9,000 years old!
  • A coyote can hear a mouse moving underneath a foot of snow.
  • Bolts of lightning can shoot out of an erupting volcano.
  • New York drifts about one inch farther away from London each year.


Did You Know

  • If 33 million people held hands, they could make it all the way around the equator.
  • Earth is the only planet that is not named after a god.
  • Blue-eyed people tend to have the highest tolerance of alcohol.
  • A traffic jam lasted for more than 10 days, with cars only moving 0.6 miles a day.
  • The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.

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Christmas Word Search Puzzle

Printable Christmas puzzle: this one is a crossword that uses decorations for clues.  Good for 8 to 12 years old and perfect for the classroom or home.

I Challenge You/ Post

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Todays word is “FRIENDS”

I remember that summer, the one that seemed liked it lasted for so long. I was a big fan of Hall and Oats and I enjoy the song ‘Abracadabra” it was the best song for the longest time.

I remember me and my friend Laura having the time of our lives that summer. We both had been planning on me spending a whole week with her in the upcoming summer of 1978. I could not wait for the actual day to finally arrive. Before we both knew it, it was happening. She had moved to Salisbury, about an hour and some away from me in our third grade. We were inseparable back then. Where she was I was, where I was there would be her.

We became friends in our second grade. She was the girl no one noticed much unless to pick on, because she was very quite and reserved. I on the other hand was very outgoing. She would occasionally get picked on by the other kids we went to school with, so of course, I would step in and send them away. I always felt the need to help those that got picked in or was left out of the social circle. Even in elementary, I believe it was my innate right to do so.

We suddenly began finding things we had in common and things we both liked. As I said in the first paragraph, Hall and Oats was definitely one of the things we shared in our likes. We both had wanted to spend our whole week together by going to the beach, but we could get that, our parents did not want to go the beach. This is when we came up with a grand plan for this one week out of the whole summer. We also knew we needed to make the best of things, since she did not live near me anymore and would not be coming back to the school we shared.

Our week’s plan included, making our own beach. Yes, I said that correctly. She had said her father had a sand pile out back of her house, so we thought there would be no harm in using it to create a beach dream , come true. We did just that! We found the perfect place in the yard where we would be all by ourselves and free from peering parent’s eyes. We laid out the sand in an area maybe 5′ by 5′. We went and gathered suntan lotion, a small pool, a beach ball, and our beach chairs. We put on our bathing suits, got our glasses and a radio. We were so set on having a wonderful time at our beach. Just two friends out on our own enjoying the radio and weighing in the water/pool, and enjoying the burning hot sand between our toes, lol.

We did not care much that this was a made-up beach, we just enjoyed everyday, out in her back yard, getting a suntan and listening to the radio as we put our feet down in the sand. The best summer ever, with the absolute best FRIEND a girl could have asked for.

Later on…

We never did that whole week thing again, never even saw each other again, but she gave me what feels like a lifetime of happy childhood memories. Even if it was only a few years, she was by far the best FRIEND ever.



My Friend, Haunted Wordsmith tagged me in a challenge. Thank you The Haunted Wordsmith!  was tagged by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! to participate in his Friday Funday Challenge. Thanks! Check out his site! It is a little like musical chairs. He writes: Each Friday l will ask 19 new questions, and nominate 3 bloggers of my own who will answer 16 of my questions, but insert 3 questions of their own and answer those as well, so that they are STILL answering 19 questions.


  1. Thank the nominator
  2. Answer Q1-19
  3. Nominate three bloggers and notify them
  4. Each selected blogger must answer 16 of the 19 questions AND insert three new questions to make the 19. [hint, delete three questions you don’t like or have an answer for and replace those]
  5. Q14 and Q20 Must remain intact.


Today’s Questions:

1] Which horror movie monster do you think is the deadliest?

I think Freddie Krueger. The reason is because he inhabits a person’s dreams. No one can stop sleeping thus they cannot stop dreaming. His advantage is immense.

2] Which serial killer do you find the most fascinating?

I think John Wayne Gacy. He looked like a great guy fro the outside, but inside he was evil and sadistic. He fooled a lot of people. It is amazing to me that no one knew anything was going on with him. He was the ultimate disguised killer.

John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and rapist. He sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois (a part of metropolitan Chicago).

All of Gacy’s known murders were committed inside his Norwood Park ranch house. His victims were typically induced to his address by force or deception, and all but one of his victims were murdered by either asphyxiation or strangulation with a makeshift tourniquet; his first victim was stabbed to death. Gacy buried 26 of his victims in the crawl space of his home. Three other victims were buried elsewhere on his property, while the bodies of his last four known victims were discarded in the Des Plaines River.

Convicted of 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death on March 13, 1980, for 12 of those killings. He spent 14 years on death row before he was executed by lethal injection at Stateville Correctional Center on May 10, 1994.

Gacy became known as the “Killer Clown” because of his charitable services at fund-raising events, parades, and children’s parties where he would dress as “Pogo the Clown” or “Patches the Clown”, characters he had devised


3] Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death?

I don’t want to know either.


4] Would you rather be eaten alive by wolves or eat another human alive?

Eaten alive by wolves, I cannot kill another human.


5] Would you ever stay the night in an abandoned house that everyone claims is haunted?

Yes, I think it would be fun.


6] Have you ever tried to contact a spirit with an Ouija Board?

Heck no, the things that are evil in this world should be left alone.


7] If you were asked to film a new horror movie, what would the plot be?

.One where people just disappeared and vanished. I think this would lend wy to multiple angles and storylines.

8] Have you ever seen a ghost?

No, but once I was convinced of it in my dreams.


9] What’s the strangest meal you have ever eaten?

Pickle and mustard sandwich


10] What is your favorite superstition?

That karma will follow a person.


11] What is the creepiest book you have ever read?

I think the one called Flowers in the Attic.


12] What fictional monster movie would you change the ending to?



13] Do you believe in life after death?



14] Which 3 questions will you be deleting to add your own in?

I will add them after the 16th question


15] Which urban legend scares you the most?

The Beast of Blandenboro. North Carolina’s urban legend. Vampire Cat Beast, look it up.


16] Have you ever knowingly or unknowingly been inside a haunted house?

No but I would, I like haunted houses.


17] Is there a serial killer that you feel sorry for?


18] Are there any known paranormal phenomenon’s you have witnessed?


19] What scary movie is your favorite?


20] The three bloggers you are nominating are?



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