There is giving with thanks

Every man knows it is in what you think

No time for the frustration that keeps lingering

It is time to give up on all that’s clinging

Giving will only make us stronger

Our heart will last even longer

It is more than actions, it is our words

Somethings are forgotten but never unheard

In another’s life we often see reflections

Things that mean something, special blessings

We stumble over divine blessings trying to reach the other side

A side that was not meant for us, not our “ride”

Reflections of things will often take away our peace

When what we should think of is within our own reach

Giving from a heart that has been bruised will often heal another’s

We might have watched that action from our mothers

Being thankful for things will help you give

Giving also helps you live!

Be thankful so you can be giving

Bless another while your living.

All rights reserved@MwsR2021.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com


Remember the lonely…the widows…the children..the hungry…the forgotten
They are the unseen or disregarded people that need the spirit of Christmas around them.
Some mourn someone or feel defeated because they can’t make things better….
We can help them. We can reach out to them.
Haven’t we all needed someone before?
So while you’re out buying those expensive impractical gifts…or spending way too much think about these people. Lift them up…buy for them…slip them a twenty or so….you don’t even have to know them.
You’ll be ten times richer and blessed.