Hole by MwsR

Deep within, you’ve always felt without.
You keep things in instead of putting them out.
Pressing yourself to anything in order to feel.
Leaving your heart to the side because it won’t heal.
Filling up on disappointments and things.
Intercepting the blows just to experience a change.
Digging has become harder to do
Making it out is all that consumes you.
A hole is where you have been
Where you are again.
You must learn to stay content,
Or try your darndest to become more relevant.
Nothing will change for you
Unless to yourself, you stay true.
You’ll stay in a hole of deep sadness and distress.
Learn to heal first then take care of the rest.
Soon that hole will be no more.
You’ll have many more feelings to explore.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021