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In My Life by MwsR

To have you in my life

Would mean to lose me

Why must it be so difficult

To be in your presence.

I often dreamt, without you in it

But living without you, is so unnatural

Unnatural,but not enough to change it

Unbearable, but not so much that I’d die.

Different, in as much as it makes me cry.

It could be so much worse…

Yet,wishing it to be better.

Moving on but holding on.

Forward, while staggering behind

That’s where I could almost lose my mind,

But I never really do.

In my life, the one built without you.

In spite of you.

Thank you for reading 🙂


Without you

By MwsR

Seems without you, I forget to breathe.

The sun was not as bright as it was when I am with you.

I know it seems unreal …but it is true.

Without you my day is dull

My senses refuse to do their job

I feel like a door without its knob.

When it’s time to sleep you are on my mind

I don’t feel like I can sleep at all no matter how I try,

Reminds me of a bruise you get from a hard fall,

Because no matter what you do it will take time to go away.

Please come back sooner rather than never

I can’t live like this forever.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Without You~poem podcast by MwsR


This is a poem I recorded, please take a listen

Written by me.


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