Show by MwsR

When you hold me
Hold me so close our hearts blend.
If you care for me at all
Make me believe without having to ask.
Whenever you desire to be with me
Show me like a poem written in visual words.
If you want me to be in your life,
Show me you do, like a puzzle piece knows it fits in its place.
Make me see what you see when you think of me
With all the purpose that special meaning can be.
Loving should come without hesitation
And it should serve as a privileged obligation.
When giving me your self
Help me feel like you have nothing left to give
If you can’t
Disappear to whence you came.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021

Photo by Jacqueline Smith on Pexels.com


Just In Case,, by MwsR

Just in case,

I cross your mind

In case, you aren’t still blind.

I wanted to let you know something

I have existed outside of you

Things that I remember sometimes include thoughts of you too.

Just in case,

I mattered once,

In case, your ego got hurt

I wanted to tell you I was worth more than that

I should of meant more, than a combat.

There are fewer and fewer times, I allow myself to cry now.

Just in case…


Will Kill You Early by MwsR

“It will kill you early”, they say

What do they know, they can’t feel my pain

I am in this alone,

I must bury it before it buries me, it’s really grown.

Went from being a secret situation

Now it has taken on a new kind of commotion.

It will take me a while. I believe,

You know, to get real relief.,

To work my way to where I once was whole.

Regardless of what advice I have been told.

I don’t need to concern myself with others

They are not worth all of that, to have to smother

My need to be me, to be my true self

Enough already, enough to be disheveled.

Got to jump back up, dive right in

Find that person I was, before then.


Gifted a Thousand Stars by MwsR

You act as if you were given a thousand stars, with which to call your own

As if the stars did not know where they themselves belonged

If mere mortals were the rulers of the stars

We all would have no battle scars

We’d have no need to fight

I know this to be the case, check to see if it is true, you might

You are same as I and yet you lack common sense.

You always think to be great, more money must be spent.

Not true, you see, it is a scam

I am just shocked, I am

Your breath comes and goes just like all of us

Yet you believe that the stars you were to be entrust.

The only shine that I see when looking at all of you,

Is your ego and your pompous attitude.

Gifted a thousand stars, perhaps, in your own dreams

This however, is the real world and things aren’t how they seem.

I hope you figure it all out before it is too late

Before your get served, whatever you dished out, onto someone’s plate.

Such A Day, by MwsR

Such a day, as never I’ve had…

The one where you come to me

Telling me, you are sorry

In my thoughts, I have imagined it were so

But actuality always prevails.

Staring at my blank page

I remind my self of what it should be that matters most

Not your opinions, or shortcomings

But my faith and hope in things

The constant desire to keep those around

Especially when your reminders abound.

This the start of better things

Of smarter times spent

When strategically shown to me, I know

That I mattered all along.