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Will Kill You Early by MwsR

“It will kill you early”, they say

What do they know, they can’t feel my pain

I am in this alone,

I must bury it before it buries me, it’s really grown.

Went from being a secret situation

Now it has taken on a new kind of commotion.

It will take me a while. I believe,

You know, to get real relief.,

To work my way to where I once was whole.

Regardless of what advice I have been told.

I don’t need to concern myself with others

They are not worth all of that, to have to smother

My need to be me, to be my true self

Enough already, enough to be disheveled.

Got to jump back up, dive right in

Find that person I was, before then.

Thank you for reading 🙂


You and I/poem by MwsR


Are my compass, and my north star

My journey till the end of this life

I feel you in everything I do or dream of

With you comes much joy and also much pain.

close up daisy flora flowers

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Never knew how much someone could love me,

Till I met you and you showed me

Wished upon a star and you came into my life.

Hope, for things once more, learned to believe in love again.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂