I saw you this morning, well the used to be

I wondered if you remembered back then

You looked so peaceful, so youthful, and intact

I remembered how much I wanted you back.

What happened to you?

Where did you go?

I miss the first you so.

Since you are me, you know.

Funny how time changes things

Changes the inner and shows on the outer

I still feel the times my heart was shattered.

I lost you somewhere between worries and so sorry

You left without any notice, in such a hurry.

People stood by but not by you

You found yourself as the only one who knew.

Stories out of the mouth of your caregivers,

Were all lies and lines from their distorted truths

Truths that barely have any in them.

Pain became the plot.

You really missed out on a lot.

The simply being a kid,

Carefree and happy, encouraged and loved

Cherished and respected

Instead overlooked and under cherished.

I remember how much I wanted you back

What happened to you?

Where did you go?

I really miss the “first” you, so!

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