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Unusual Creature~Spiny Orb Spider’s_spiny_spider,_gasteracantha_hasselti_-_Kaeng_Krachan_National_Park.jpg Gasteracantha (known as spiny-backed orb-weavers, spiny orb-weavers, or spiny spiders) is a genus of orb-weaver spiders first named by Carl Jakob Sundevall in 1833.[2] The females of most species […]

Amazing ! ~

Giraffe Weevil Native to Madagascar, the Trachelophorus giraffa gets its name from its jointed extended neck, which is similar to that of a giraffe. The majority of the body is […]

Lady Bugs~ Did You Know?

10 Fascinating Facts About Ladybugs by Debbie Hadley Debbie Hadley is a science educator with 25 years of experience who has written on science topics for over a decade. Updated […]

Photo of the Day~Tiger Beetle A magnified tiger beetle shows its true colors. Your Shot photographer Mark Smith writes that this image was made in “2014 during the Entomological Collections Network annual meeting [in […]


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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