Poem (religious)

A man with a heavenly start
Came to the earth when the clouds did part.
He lived among the saints and the sinners
He preached so we all could be eternal winners.
Temptation he withstood
Aways taught us to be like we should.
Anger and deceit finally took reign
No one to stop death for him, he took the blame.
You could hear whispers of his holy name.
Faultless he bore it all
So we all could be with him, and rise up tall.
He was laid in a tomb in a poor sort of way
Then he miraculously arose from the grave, in three days.
My! my Savior can walk with me
He can talk to me
And he tells me I am his own.
Praise be to His Holy Name, and to his throne.

He is Alive!
By MwsR❤️