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Rest by MwsR
Let your soul find peace.
Set your mind at ease.
Free yourself from guilt and shame
Rest in God almighty’s name.
Follow not this world’s view.
But awake and start with God’s; it will renew.
Reach for the one who gives you love
Soar through life just like a dove.
In him alone you’ll never want again.
If in his will you doth attend.
It’s written in his word how to live
It’s in his forgiveness you learn to give.
His light will guide you when clouds turn gray.
Just walk with him and don’t turn away.

MwsR Quote

Life can pull us down sometimes. When you feel the pressure, the pull, look for a stronghold. Sometimes, it can be found in family pictures, or in remembering accomplishments and goals that you have reached before. Perhaps pray for help from the Lord of strength. You do not have to deal with this pressure alone. Seek out loved ones for support and encoucouragement. Find something that is attainable and get it done. Whatever you do, you do not have to fall under the pressure. Remember David from the Bible and the fight he had with the giant Goliath. He won against that very big “obstacle” and against the pressure of that challenge. He asked God for help, God answered.

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Thoughts, MwsR

A sunflower, God grew, that has unopened all the way.
First thought was, ”this is cool.”
Second thought was, ”guess God’s not finished with it, too!”

He most certainly is not finished with a lot of us. Never give in to the pressures of hurrying. Things take time, we take time. Don’t get discouraged.

Like the sunflower, we all are imperfect yet others can and will still love us. We can still give God glory. We can still make a difference.

Just think about it.


Blessed by MwsR

Oh the stresses I have,

Though still God blesses.

I fall down beneath the weight

Yet narrow is the path for us to go through

He holds me up

When I am weak

Grateful for his abundance of things

Even though I don’t deserve it.

It’s yours too if you chose.