Poem ~ Perspective of the One left Behind by MwsR

When I think of you, it includes a lot of questions, so there!

Questions like “Why?” and “What Happened?”, “Was it really so unfair?”

Why is it that life proved so hard for you to bear?

I have had my share of things that weigh on my heart

Things that might, a lesser man, tear all apart.

I chose to stay

Learned it is okay to walk away.

Refused to be the one who never sees the sun again

The one who makes new friends

I chose to live and trudge right through,

Even when it gets neck high, which it often can do.

It got so hard a lot of times

But I turned that negativity around, if not it would of been a crime

A life given is an opportunity to impact,

How can you do that if you only “subtract”?

I will never be that far down, if the good Lord is willing

I will get rid of the blemishes, and all that is lacking

I wish I could of helped you, if you had been near me, possibly I would had

Instead, I found out, from the grieving relatives you made sad.

There was a feeling of helplessness, a feeling of shame

Because in a sense, our society is to blame

It takes a person’s walls and helps to make them taller

Society will make a person feel so much smaller

We walk by those of us that suffer and feel no sense of obligation

It is no longer help a neighbor, but turn the other way, leave someone in stagnation

Shame on us all, shame on the world.

Break the silence, break the stigma, help those who suffer, who feel alone

Or else this world will change so far from what we all know.

People will die and chose not to survive

If we don’t help give them a reason to live.