Don’t lie to an overthinker. It never ends well.

Such people have trained their brains to look for holes in a story. If s&*% doesn’t make sense, they will think about it over and over until it makes sense. I am that person.

Unknown Author


Lie to Me, by MwsR

As cold as snow on barren feet,
Swift as a judgment you had tried to beat.
Words have a great significance you see,
Like damage when you lie to me.
Treating it as you do a game
Looking for the player’s move, that’s never the same.
Deep and hurting, like a cut from a knife
Nothing is the same, like for a divorced husband and his wife.
Long-lasting, when you lie to me.
Perilous like a drive off a bridge overlooking a river,
Dark and sick like an alcoholic’s liver.
Unsure, like a person’s footing on a hill
, And deadly like a hunter’s deliberate kill.
An outcome undesirable and yet so foreseen,
From all the times you’ve lied to me.