Lie to Me, by MwsR

As cold as snow on barren feet,
Swift as a judgment you had tried to beat.
Words have a great significance you see,
Like damage when you lie to me.
Treating it as you do a game
Looking for the player’s move, that’s never the same.
Deep and hurting, like a cut from a knife
Nothing is the same, like for a divorced husband and his wife.
Long-lasting, when you lie to me.
Perilous like a drive off a bridge overlooking a river,
Dark and sick like an alcoholic’s liver.
Unsure, like a person’s footing on a hill
, And deadly like a hunter’s deliberate kill.
An outcome undesirable and yet so foreseen,
From all the times you’ve lied to me.

You Stood By by MwsR

You just waited, I believe

For a scapegoat, and it was me.

I was innocent enough to deceive.

You just kept the same lie

Knowing that it was me, who’d cry

I was too easy a target, but still, why?

You never came to my defense

Left me wondering, it didn’t make sense

No one the wiser, as you jumped that fence.

You made out like you were still an angel

Like you was so damaged, you showed a different angle

I was just the rabbit, hungry for the carrot you dangled.

You stood by while my own people mistrusted me

Because of you they did not believe

And as you have played the starring role, in this story.