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Loneliness is atrocious,

What it does not take from you,

It taunts you with…

“look at those people with their sacred other”

“You don’t  deserve that, you know”,

It often says that, when you are feeling so very low.

It walks hand in hand with others like

The forgotten, the meek, the wounded in spirit.

Solitariness makes a person  different on the inside

While working to denude us of any other person

It puts a shield around us,

We can  become abject in a crowd.

Normal situations make us unquiet at best.

Being lonely for a long time,

Will make a person feel like they are in dire straights,

Like they are capitulating the idea of true fulfilled happiness.

Lonely is no place to be,

I don’t want it, even if I make a friend out of a tree.

MwsR <3



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