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Today, by MwsR

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It really did not include all I wanted to say.

I wrote you a letter today,

But that is the way things go, right?

I really never explain in depth what I really want to write.

I hope you get it and it makes you wonder

Fills you with  something and possibly to ponder.

I know it has been many years

Since I could sit down and write to you without tears.

I do not know what I hope to gain from it

Maybe nothing, simply, maybe to be free from this pit.

The one I crawled into when things between us changed.

When I had to learn to live and re-arrange.

I often wonder why it had to be me to begin

Never you , nor them, or anyone from then

I know I walk a lonely road of taking a stand

I just couldn’t stay there and give you the upper hand

My life was mine but following your rules 

I was just your fool.

I longed for your love, yet it was with stipulations

Not how someone wants love, with conditions.

So I find myself not quite over you,

Reaching out once again and feeling blue

I probably had a lapse in judgement, you know

Maybe a moment of weakness, who knows

We will see, it is never too late

I guess, to contemplate

To reach out anyway you can

And try to patch things, join hands

I don’t know but I will someday see

How my life will turn out and be.

Thank you for reading 🙂