Energy Boosting Snacks

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer joins the 3rd Hour of TODAY with two snacks to help boost your energy: Banana bread overnight “GOATmeal” (for the “greatest of all time”) and no-bake coffee bars with a kick of caffeine.
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New Day by MwsR

Today is , or is not the day

To get done what you had put off

Or maybe to do what you know to do

Today is or is not the day

To be thankful for anything or everything

To shine or dine

Today is or is not the day

To prepare for, work towards

Perhaps to smile or walk a few miles

Stretch or reconnect

Today is or is not the day

To right a wrong, sing a song

Make a meal, say a prayer when you kneel

Examine and re-examine

Today is or is not the day

To worry for nothing or scatter in a hurry

To decorate or excommunicate

To let by gones be bygones

|To correct the wrongs

Today is or is not the day

To just live, go with the flow

Let someone you love know

Take pictures and enjoy

Be sweet and kind instead of coy

Today is and always has been a choice in one way or another.

Choose wisely!



Today…years ago

My mom died

I cried

They tried


I am sad

Others feel bad

There’s some mad


Life changed

Funeral was arranged

Others acted strange


Life as I knew was forever changed

Others feels my pain

Memories remain.

MwsR >3


Today, by MwsR

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It really did not include all I wanted to say.

I wrote you a letter today,

But that is the way things go, right?

I really never explain in depth what I really want to write.

I hope you get it and it makes you wonder

Fills you with  something and possibly to ponder.

I know it has been many years

Since I could sit down and write to you without tears.

I do not know what I hope to gain from it

Maybe nothing, simply, maybe to be free from this pit.

The one I crawled into when things between us changed.

When I had to learn to live and re-arrange.

I often wonder why it had to be me to begin

Never you , nor them, or anyone from then

I know I walk a lonely road of taking a stand

I just couldn’t stay there and give you the upper hand

My life was mine but following your rules 

I was just your fool.

I longed for your love, yet it was with stipulations

Not how someone wants love, with conditions.

So I find myself not quite over you,

Reaching out once again and feeling blue

I probably had a lapse in judgement, you know

Maybe a moment of weakness, who knows

We will see, it is never too late

I guess, to contemplate

To reach out anyway you can

And try to patch things, join hands

I don’t know but I will someday see

How my life will turn out and be.