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Tag: Death

MwsR writings

I think that this past week has taught me a lot about others, and myself.  I went to see my dying sister and it was an image I think I […]


 As a writer of the heart and such things, I find that today I am at a loss as to what I should write. I find myself in a void […]

Challenge/Three Things Challenge

Today’s things are: death, humor, stupid The humor to me is that noone buries a tree Trees can die and they experience death How stupid it is to think! MwsR <3 […]

Word of the day Challenge Today’s word is Renegade. He had a tattooed arm from his hand to his shoulder. Strong looking with a partial beard and a mustache that magnified his top lip. […]


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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Mws R Writings
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