One day there will be a time to die

That day will be one we must endure

The day will come when our life will try to make its great escape

When the only sound we really will be listening for

Will be the voices of those that we held dear.

Food we will not need  and it will be the least on our minds.

We will come to a point when nothing more will really matter

When the noise from death drowns out all the chatter.

A calmness will either be there or it will not

It will be out of our hands as we are soon to depart

People will come visit but to ease their own pain

It will appear that, they all are just vain

They will bring with them memories

Memories of a time you once participated in

A time when life seemed very special to them

You might see clearly or things could be cloudy,

But your ears will work and be on guarded detail

You will lie there, you will come in and out of dreams

Some faces you might not recognize, some people possibly you had never seen

A mirror will no longer tell you sweet lies

The bed will be your station, and on it you will lie.

An occasion touch or two directed towards you

An offer of some water, and the smell you caught of someone’s perfume.

It will be the most impersonal time,

The most strung out, lingering time.

Who will be there to see your last breaths

Will it be strangers in uniforms or family

I hope you won’t be lonely when it comes to your end

I hope you find yourself in the middle of family and friends

I hope your death will not be long and drawn out

I hope it is peaceful and in dignity you will die.

I wish this for all.

MwsR ❤