I have visited your grave, many times

Not in actuality but in my mind.

Seeing the graveside flowers, and studying them so

The people in the photos, the ones I know

Sometimes, we don’t actually have to be present

To feel such a presence.

Life went on without you in it

People adapted, things changed, from it

But something for me was magnified,

I never realized it, and how it applied

Here I was mourning the chance of never meeting you

Yet I did, it is true

I was held by you, once

I was loved by you, and heard your voice

No, it did not last for my lifetime, but it did in yours.

You once held my hand,

Heard me cry,

I have struggled with this, I don’t know just why.

You knew me, I knew you not

I have such a huge heart knot

I will wish until my dying days

To had known you, in all ways.

Until then, I will revisit your grave

The one in photos, the place where you lay.

Studying the people and flowers so

Sometimes, we do not have to be present

To feel someone’s presence.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂