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Smells, poem


The smells always get to me…

close up of hand feeding on tree trunk
Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

Someone you are meeting for the very first time,

Lofting from a warmed up oven waiting for your food surprise.

Handshakes that were given at a cordial hello,

The scent from the lotion that the other person used so.

Something that has begun to spoil

When someone exercises and their bodies are hot

A windy day that blows past your nose

Drinking from water from rubber hoses.

Clothes fresh from the dryer

Your armpits after a lot of perspiring.

Savory food fresh from a grill

Someone’s mouth when they are real ill.

Paper from a printing machine

Things sometimes you can’t recognize or cannot be seen.

Flowers in bloom

And a straw broom.

Infections of all kinds

Things that never even crossed your mind.

Dirt from the earth below

Gifts of perfume, from people you know

Sniff and smell

Lots of different things as you can tell.

Too many to list

So much of them are bliss

Smell your world and wonder

Smell your life.

MwsR <3


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