No Other Way

Hers was always lacking

She expected so much

Felt so deeply

She never knew the right way to smile

It was growing up that taught her

But loss that made her

She was strong but in efforts, most unspoken

Most of the time

The cards had been laid out before her

They were already dealt before she made her request

“Spirit”, that was for those who longed to live after death

She wanted to live in life.

Always trying so hard

Never fully getting anything

Hers was tears of sorrow

For that kind of love,

That had never noticed her.

Continuous defeat

Continuous lacking

Her best bet was to let things happen naturally

In their own way

But that never worked either,

Usually things and people went away

Oh, if life were to give her some comfort

Naturally was not her forte

Forcefully was.

Maybe that was her main issue

Maybe her demise.

She knew no other way.

MwsR ❤

King of Nothing(my daughter made)

This is the King of Nothing
He isn't very bright
He has two screws inside his skull, that makes him look a fright.
He has a razor blade where once his eye did go
Although no one told me this it's something I should already know
Even when you change the light surrounding him, hardly anything changes
He has "blood" spots on his crown and ribbon
I wonder if whoever did that to him was forgiven.
Beads adorn his chin bone where once he could smile
He won't be doing any smiling for a while.
He is King of Nothing as you could surmise yourself
So for now I will just make him KING of my shelf.