beautiful blur close up delicate

Inside it is an attraction for sure

Not easy to navigate through

I know that it will cost for someone to explore

But I cannot say anything more.


Life is strange there, inside of me

Nothing there is easily understood

Anything can surely appear

Trying hard to always keep out those drifts of tears.


Inside it is never quite

If you were to see what all goes on in there

You would surely be scared

I know because I am the one who has had to care.


Parks should be exciting and fun

But if it the inside one.

There is just discord

Especially when you enter on your own accord.


Inside Parks come with no clear direction

Nothing is free

There may be turmoil to see

When it is inside me.


So enter softly, patiently, and calm

I often tell people being here is no fun.

It is merely “to occupy one’s curiosity”

And they leave, usually.


No one really comes there and stays for long

It is most unpleasant at times

I try to keep it free of clutter and trash

But it is bound to happen, inside, alas.


So come if you wish

Don’t take anything with you

I run this park all on my own

It is hard to maintain, when you hurt all alone.


Inside Parks are inside all of you

They have things that attract

And they have things that can make a person blue

Enter cautiously, take nothing away

So the inside park can continue, yet again, another day.



Thank you for reading 🙂