Dreaded by MwsR

The start of a day, one that never gets better

Things go on that would make allow your to be tattered

Why must it be another one of those days

The one where you feel trapped and exploited in lots of ways

Used and abused,

Taken for granted and in a possible self constructed noose.

Looking for an excuse but having nothing to give forth

Inside though, you know your own worth

Dreaded days are made like this

It is something you will wish you had missed

Possibilities will come forth as the day progresses on

But often you must find those all on your own.

Dreaded like the apocalypse

Forever looking for this to eclipse

Nothing left to see, nothing left to fear

Facing this day, one that never gets better,despite all the rest of the year.

Word Of The Week


(from Latin turbo, “tornado”) is the irrational and often intense fear of tornadoes. Turbophobia is a separate term for lilapsophobia, which is fear of tornadoes and tropical cyclones.


Like many phobias, turbophobia is caused by an unwanted experience, specifically tornadoes that cause injuries, destruction, or loss of loved ones to self or others they know. People who survive the deadly storms should seek professional advice, especially to determine if a person is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. This phobia can even be caused by learning news about tornadoes using the media, like television, internet, radio, or newspaper, even though they happened far away from homes. If a person learns that someone in the family have the phobia, then that person is more likely to suffer from it.


Mental and emotional symptoms of turbophobia include obsessive thoughts, difficulty thinking, feeling of unreality or being detached, fear of losing control or going crazy, anticipatory anxiety, terror, and desire to flee or hide.

Physical symptoms of turbophobia include dizziness, shaking, palpitations, lightheadedness, fainting, shortness of breath, accelerated heartbeat, chest pain or discomfort, shaking, feeling of choking, sweating, nausea, and numbness or tingling sensations.

Many turbophobes also suffer autophobia, fear of being alone. Sufferers often make arrangements with people they know to help soothe the fear.


Turbophobes spend a lot of time watching the weather or checking weather online to keep an eye on for oncoming storms. When a storm hits, sufferers either watch for severe weather alerts constantly or take cover, like under a bed or in a windowless room. In the extreme cases, sufferers take tornado shelter as soon as rain starts falling, usually in the basement or storm shelter. Sufferers may often use a NOAA weather radio to listen to tornado warning bulletins, and mobile phones that can watch the radar and that can alert the user while in shelter. If the sufferer also fears loud noises, such as tornado sirens, or weather radio alarms, this may aggravate the fear, and may cause the sufferer to panic. If the sufferer fears the alarms in general, the sufferer may have ligyrophobia, or the irrational fear of loud noises.

In children

Like astraphobia, turbophobia is a common fear for children, although less common. Because children are just learning to distinguish between fantasy and reality, major storm broadcasts on television or discussion by parents can cause fear that the storm is coming with a tornadic potential.

Because fear is a part of normal child development, this phobia is not diagnosed unless if persisted for more than six months. Parents should conquer the child’s fear by telling them how rare the major storms that hit hometown area are.


Like many other phobias, turbophobia can often be treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy, but if it stems from post-traumatic stress disorder, then alternative therapy may be more recommended.

In popular culture

In the 1996 film Twister, Dr. Jo Harding (Helen Hunt), while becoming a storm chaser, suffers from turbophobia due to her father’s death in a tornado when she was a child.

Notable case

The most notable case of turbophobia suffer is Karin R. Herrmann, who lives in Miami, Oklahoma. She began suffering the phobia following the 2011 Joplin tornado. Her phobia lasted for approximately six months until she developed ways to treat her with the help from her husband.

Poem by MwsR( me)

Fear by MwsR

Different than any other emotion
It takes up residence if you let it
Wreaking havoc on your spirit.
Tearing apart your sensibilities
That’s if you have any in the start
Way down to the deepest part.
It’s like a prison and you’re the inmate
You cannot leave it behind even when you’re set free
Even though you’ve done your time, you see.
So much of your life changes
To accommodate the chaos
The fear can make you feel lost.
Like a stranger that is living your life
Little you can do until you come to terms with it.
Decreasing the fear just a bit.
Life can have scary times and fears that take over
It’s something everyone’s had
But remember things don’t always have to stay that bad.

Prisoner, by MwsR

Pain I release you from me

I have captured you, it seems

You are there in the morning

There at night

No one knows it, because you are hid behind my light.

You have been abused,

I have kept you in the shadows

Reaching for you only when need be

Only when, his face, I see

I often think you were the innocent part

The one who wanted to leave but I did not allow it

I have held onto you like a good book.

One for which I often take a look at.

I should have let you go because I had other prisoners of my own

The sadness is one for which I have gave it a home.

Fear is always near, never venturing far away.

Love wants to stay here forever, I don’t know why she does.

I just have so many and this is so hard to say.

They all have their own address and one leads to his door,

The other is the one for which I often explore.

So pain, I am trying to let you go, slowly.

I promise it won’t be easy for you have been here so long

But I often will look for you, once you are gone.

I hope you can find another place that keeps you as a reminder,

Instead of a prisoner

I regret keeping you but some day I will meet you again.

Until then…


Inside Park/Poem by MwsR

beautiful blur close up delicate

Inside it is an attraction for sure

Not easy to navigate through

I know that it will cost for someone to explore

But I cannot say anything more.


Life is strange there, inside of me

Nothing there is easily understood

Anything can surely appear

Trying hard to always keep out those drifts of tears.


Inside it is never quite

If you were to see what all goes on in there

You would surely be scared

I know because I am the one who has had to care.


Parks should be exciting and fun

But if it the inside one.

There is just discord

Especially when you enter on your own accord.


Inside Parks come with no clear direction

Nothing is free

There may be turmoil to see

When it is inside me.


So enter softly, patiently, and calm

I often tell people being here is no fun.

It is merely “to occupy one’s curiosity”

And they leave, usually.


No one really comes there and stays for long

It is most unpleasant at times

I try to keep it free of clutter and trash

But it is bound to happen, inside, alas.


So come if you wish

Don’t take anything with you

I run this park all on my own

It is hard to maintain, when you hurt all alone.


Inside Parks are inside all of you

They have things that attract

And they have things that can make a person blue

Enter cautiously, take nothing away

So the inside park can continue, yet again, another day.



Fear/ Poem(Encouragement)

woman dark eye spooky
Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

Don’t let fear control you

Reach inside and let that fear see what it is you can do and be

There are never absolutes, just  resolute.

Always time for tears but they won’t wipe away your fears.

If you want something that is in your grasp

You grab a hold and wait till the very last

If you want to conquer your fears, you must do the same.

We all are just like rats running in this game.

Some take the wrong path, but quickly learn the right one

Although some keep going full blast , further and further without realizing it.

Obviously one will find the goal, or grab the thing they searched for so frantically.

They don’t let the fear of unknown keep them from what they wanted.

Fear is a deceiver of persons, it says,”No way”

Your heart and mind must say.” It is feasible”

Fear can’t take you by the hand and lead you away from something

But if you let it , it will take rob you of so much.

So look that fear in the midst of its presence and make it see

There is no stopping you.