Her Room by MwsR

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It used to be,

A place where she would walk and find herself extremely happy. She often peered out the window looking to find somethings to imagine in her mind. She never wondered about the bad things in the world, because they were something she knew all too well. She insisted that her thoughts be of the kind you can find in fairytales. The kind that makes you smile, make you dream and the ones that made you feel so grateful for the experience you would be having. She loved her pink carpet. She had picked it out all by herself and it was three shades of pink. Each color flowed into the next with a purpose, somewhat. She had crème colored furniture that proudly stood around the room. Each piece has a gold pinning as if to fit a Queen’s taste. She would use each one to its ability and she valued their worth.

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There was a poster canopy bed. She loved using the posts to dance and swing herself around freely as if she were joined by another person, instead of a bedpost. She loved the flowing canopy top that she had overtop. It made her feel as if she was a princess and this was her vale. She often wished that canopy top could hold her and she could lay up on top. Her closet had louvered doors and if you were to be inside of that closet, you could see outside through those doors. She often pretended that this was her little secret place. inside were her friends, the dolls and stuffed animals she had acquired. They often kept her secrets and dreams. She blissfully confided in them. She knew they were her biggest fans and that her words were safe with them. Her room was her own little oasis and she loved being there. She knew inside her room, she was safe to be herself.

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Later it,

Turned into a place with which to hide. A place where she would watch the shadows of feet passing by the bottom of her door. She often wished that she did not have to grow up. Seems like the room had lost its appeal. Now, against her will, she used it as a place to hide away. She knew that room was her only defense. In a world where her voice was silent and her tears flowed, she lost her happiness. She still went into her closet to talk to her dolls and stuffed animals. Often she just spent time, crying. She was not a little girl anymore with dreams and aspirations, and although somewhere in her, she still believed, she had lost her path. Her main concern was to save her physical self and to prevent more harm to come her way. She really wanted her room to save her, but it did not have that kind of power. When she thought of the wondrous place she had in that room, as a young kid, her smile turned upside down. She missed those feelings, missed the innocence of it all.


Her life has brought her different things. Different house, different dreams, she has now. Often she is grateful for surviving the past and despite the bad that followed her, her room was the best place she ever had. The kind of room that took up residence in her heart. Thinking about her room still makes her smile, still calms her tears.

The end,