It Had To Be Me By MwsR

Of course this was not written down in stone

The many things that were done wrong.

I did not record previous conversations

Lacking that fortitude, to plot on so many occasions.

There was not a banner that hung on a wall

It was a mutual array between us all.

It had to be me,

You knew it the whole time, you see.

There was plotted scenarios,

You wanted me to be the foe.

Things kind of fell in place

It was obvious it was your place

If it hadn’t been me,

Then you’d been the flea

The one who was on someone’s back

Trying to calm the tension, and that’s a fact.

You’d been the pest,

The one who felt everything on their chest

Circumstances would surely have been different

But it was me and you were indignant.

YOU let me ride that wave all the way

Without caring if I was to pay.

Why? It doesn’t matter

I was the ball you were the batter.

It was in your hands to change things

But you made lies, oh the stings!

It had to be me,

Personally I don’t think you could of handled it, you see.

Weak enough to create another reality because yours failed

Not strong enough to admit your mistakes, I was derailed.

Because it was me,

You didn’t get strong or have to survive

I did.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021