When and Where People, by MwsR

When newness starts

Stagnation, leaves

Where hope abides

People will believe.

Limitless is the imagination

On this planet we live

Where we strive

People start to give.

Forward,often hoping to make the change

In a desperate world,

When survival often kicks in

People start acting strange.

Everyone looking only at tragedy

Right before their very eyes

When compassion comes in

People stop thinking just about their selves

If simple was the life we were meant to have or possess

The difficult would have no purpose

When it gets hard

People grow and tend to think of themselves less.

Let’s all take a second or two,

Take time to reflect

Where mind is over matters

People will shine true.

Where does one go?

Feeling the stresses of the tasks at hand

Nothing really makes sense in the terrible land

Trying to stay compassionate, yet whole some how

 All this has your head in a doubt filled cloud.

Gone are the days of tranquility and rest

You sometimes see no way out of this mess.

Why does everything get sidetracked?

Especially the things that matter, when they do they are under attack.

The world won’t get better for any of us unless,

WE adapt to the changes , especially when we are distressed.

Where does one go when there is very little hope?

You’ve seen people with that and some wind up on dope.

It is a give and take life.

You give some, you take some and deal with good days, and ones with strife.

No one has a blueprint, although some wish there to be

So, I just have to start this thing, and it has to start within me.

So if you are down, and you are asking where should you go,

Look in your inner self and then you will know.