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Whispers by MwsR

It’s a faint and yet fleeting sigh
When it enters your heart like a big surprise.
Tears can’t erase the echo you hear
When it’s the one you hold so dear.
Some say they know
Some say to listen hurts their hearts so.
The truth is they are unpredictable
The feelings are so compatable.
To listen to them surely takes courage
To keep wanting them as to save up in storage.
Whispers of a person’s hearts company
Take root or can just flee.
There’s no rhyme or reason
Sometimes just for a season.
Whispers of your heart, your soul, and through time
Can be yours and will be mine.

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Jasper by MwsR

May the world see the beauty and sweetness in your eyes

Hoping that inside you will know it too, and will always see

Beautiful spirit that shines within all you do

A gift from above, it’s true

I love you.

I hope you always know I am here to stand by your side

That you feel warmth in your heart, like the sunlight

You are so special to us all

I hope you never feel small, but tall

I love you.

You will be changing, who ever meets you

Can’t wait to see all you can do!

I love you.

Jasper, my heart grew the day you came into being

You’ve definitely gave my life more meaning!

My grandson, with eyes crystal blue

I will always love you.

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Outplaced Heart, by MwsR

Where does one start,

When they have outplaced their heart?

Can they ever put it back where it first started,

Or must they say goodbye as if they are parted?

Being outplaced is hard

There is no telling how far.

It is unwise to think it will simply return

Where it once was and without taking a surprising turn.

One can not easily surmise

How to handle their situations before they arise

So, carefully guard the heart you were given

While you desperately seek to be forgiven.

Your heart will return

You will not have to yearn.

In its place it will go

Just love yourself and forgive yourself and you’ll know.

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