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  1. the condition or process of deterioration with age.
    synonyms: elderliness · old age · oldness · seniority · maturity · dotage · senility · one’s advancing/advanced years · one’s declining years · the winter/autumn of one’s life · senescence · eld · caducity
    antonyms: youth · childhood

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  1. old-fashioned or outdated.
    “this antiquated central heating system”

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tar·a·did·dle \ ˌter-ə-ˈdi-dᵊl , ˌta-rə-ˈdi-dᵊl , ˈter-ə-ˌdi-dᵊl , ˈta-rə-ˌdi-dᵊl \

variants: or tarradiddle

Definition—-pretentious nonsense

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  1. relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception.
    “haptic feedback devices create the illusion of substance and force within the virtual world”
  1. the use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, especially to reproduce in remote operation or computer simulation the sensations that would be felt by a user interacting directly with physical objects.
    “their research is centered on human-computer interaction specifically focusing on wearable computing, haptics, and video games”
  2. the perception of objects by touch and proprioception, especially as involved in nonverbal communication.
    “haptics is that subsystem of nonlanguage communication which conveys meaning through physical contact”

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Word of The Day


loadstone (noun)
a piece of magnetite or other naturally magnetized mineral, able to be used as a magnet.
synonyms: lodestone · magnetite · field magnet · bar magnet · horseshoe magnet · transverse magnet · electromagnet · electret · solenoid · diamagnet · antiferromagnet · magnetoid · wiggler
a naturally magnetized mineral; magnetite.
a thing that is the focus of attention or attraction.
“the revolution in eastern Europe has robbed the state of its ideological lodestone”

Word of The Day

Definition of lethologica in English:



mass noun rare

  • The inability to remember a particular word or name.

    ‘he would grope for the words and he often apologized for his lethologica’


Early 20th century: irregularly from Greek lēthē ‘forgetfulness’ (see Lethe) + logos ‘word’, with the ending in -ica probably intended to distinguish the word from others in -logia denoting a subject of study (see -logy).

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From my Alexa Morning Brief!


-Extravagantly emotional

-Emotional Expression


-Figurative use of Rhapsody

So, there you have it, a new word for your vocabulary.

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MwsR ❤

Word of the Day/Share

Good morning everyone!

I am listening to my Alexa and the morning spill she gives me when I say, “Good Morning”. She gives me a word of the day, and today the word is…


It means obvious.

I am thinking to myself it is cool to learn new words, so I am going to post a new word, or not so new word, however the case may be when I can.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Michelle Aka MwsR ❤