Oh wait, what? Poem

There it is again,

The constant nagging of my inner “voices”

Why won’t they leave me alone?                                         thNU5QMVE1

Do I really want them to though, because then I would have no real strength.

If they were to leave me in silence, alone, then what?

Would I be lost completely?

As if anything could defeat me

I will feel safe again.

I will have a calming relief like none other I’ve had before.

Yes, I will stand, and each time I will stand for longer.

Oh wait, what?

You would have me to fall, without a saving grace

You would lock me out from your special places, you’re last minute glances.

That is fine, for now, at least or unless my “inner wolf” starts to howl.

Then all my strength will be called upon.

If that happens I will not stay underfoot.

I will always stand, and when I stand I will eventually stand longer, stronger.

MwsR ❤

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