Three Things Challenge

Today’s things are: buzz, July, load

BUZZ/ Poem by MwsR

There is noise that I can hear

It passes right by my left ear

Should I look and take a peek?

I see it, it looks so sleek

It is a bee that is saying to me,

Buzz, buzz, buzz, I am free.”

JULY/Poem by MwsR

July is hot

July is definitely not

My favorite month at all.

I wish it cooler

I wish it shorter

So I can get it over.


There is a tremendous burden/ LOAD, one carries upon their back. They have trouble letting it go. It the burden of self judgement and shame. If one could let that go and see how much a difference it would make in their lives, they would never pick that LOAD up again and try to carry it around.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂