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This can be anything you want it to be…the point is to have fun, share, and be inspired.

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Today’s things are: basket, xylophone, scream

The Hand

shallow focus photography of red xylophone

I walk upon a scene

I see a basket sitting there full of something

It is a xylophone

When it starts to  play it starts to moan

Not like the usual sort of tune you know

When looking closer

I see a hand playing it

A hand all by itself

No body around to witness it

I let out a scream in my astonishment!

I wonder why this basket is here

With no one standing near

I search with my eyes a little each way

Just me standing there

Scared to death

Looking at this basket with a xylophone

And a severed hand playing it, all alone

I want to let out the biggest scream,

But I scared that hand will then, come after me.

MwsR <3



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