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Forever takes so long

But it also can be here one minute and then gone

Life is about caring and such

I wish I could share it so ,in overabundance.

Trials are something to learn from

Even though they are difficult and often come.

Relationships can make us whole

They also can hurt us so.

Animals provide us with unconditional love

Yet they get hurt and shoved.

Things can be more than one way

That is just the nature of things, one could say.

If wishes could make things better

I would wish for love and lots of laughter.

I would want animals as well as man

To know the personal love and the fortitude of “can”.

Everyone should expect to be more

More than what they use to be before

When things were not clear or good

The times when they ignored all the “shoulds”.

If we can persevere

There will be so much good here.

No more regret, no one left out

That is what sharing this world is about.



Thank you for reading 🙂