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Life stopped glowing in the little town of Shine, one day

It used to be a place where people stayed

Life there had stopped being special

I think it lost its meaning, it really is hard to tell.

There were no more special events

No special dances or nothing new to invent

This town had let go of all it could be

Let go of its hopes and all of what it could mean

It forgot it could shine

It got lost somewhere in time.

Life there would subtly change

Where flowers are just filters for feelings that feel strange.

No more special

No close circles

For  it was not good enough.

Things that were easy ,suddenly got worse

This town of Shine lost its way

Many  visitors passed through but none wanted to stay.

It was a terrible thing to behold

People that lived there seemed to leave it before they got old.

Stranger than fiction it was

Things that use to grow there now, never does.

Just a little speck of humanity was still around

There had been rumors that a speck of humanity wasn’t in this town.

A speck, what good was that in the town of Shine

I cannot answer that, for this town was not mine.

If you pass through or you want to come in

Look for the light that used to shine from within

Nothing much, I dare say you will find

For the whole town has turned so dull, almost blind.

Nothing to see if you even  still could,

Not much gumption, even if they would.

I would hate to live where the town has lost its shine

Where things are more blahzay than they are sublime.

I just thought I would mention this town of Shine,

Pretty much nothing is left, nothing much to see

But if to it came someone who truly believed

It would gain its shine back again,

Then they could have their fairytale end.





Thank you for reading 🙂