man in blue crew neck shirt staring at woman trying to lift barbell

Disapproval is so capturing

It is like a cage where you wish to be freed

Nothing more demeaning

At least not to me

I see it steal the innocence of children

Robbing the older folks of much joy

It illuminates the sidewalks when a stranger passes by

The scars are almost unrecognizable

They take on a life of their own

Disapproval is a beast to all

Devouring what there is left of one’s dignity.

The only way to escape its grasp?

No one knows.

I surely don’t because it grows as I grow.

It has walked around me all my life.

Taking on the faces of people I thought loved me.

People who accepted me for who I am

It has long become a part of my view of myself

It is like skin on my bones

Forever a cover to what lies beneath.

Visible to onlookers of the outer self

But not inside where one’s soul is shelved.

Disapproval can defeat a person’s outlook on things

It shuts them down before they even engage.

It is powerful , more than a two-edged sword

If it was to disappear, oh what a better place we would have here.

MwsR <3



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