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It has been 21 years since we shared a conversation

And in that time we have not sat at the same table

Or ate our food together

We have visited the same stores, perhaps the same events

Just like ghosts we pass by each other

We haunt the same places

We haunt the same minds.

Our togetherness was suddenly evacuated

Desperately we both had to leave our former lot

You left years ago when you refused to listen

And I left when I no longer could stay.

What we once shared, we no longer do

I can’t help it though, I still think of you.

I wonder why it went the way it did

Why you bailed on me and left me to struggle.

Was I too much trouble?

I wonder if there are days you have

Where you wonder and think of , what we could have had

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Wait, that was in a movie song

No realism in that

I have come to realize that.

But my mind is still puzzled and I guess always will be.

We live in the same darn city!

We are but minutes from each other

But a lifetime of sins, separates us.

If I could would I wish it away?’

I am not certain I would.

Without you I am strong,

On my own I have been for so long.

I had to adapt

Had to put childish dreams away.

Had to see things for what they really are , you might say.

I once was lost but now I see

There never really was unconditional love for me

It is just something to acknowledge so I can keep on my way

I do however let my mind remember

I remember the not so bad times we had together

I stay focused on reality, but keep a hand on my heart

It needs some support now, since we had our depart.

Same city, same phone numbers

Wow, it is as plain as the nose on a person’s face.

Love can still exist where a heart breaks.

I know, mine does.

MwsR <3




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