I am going to grow a pineapple tree(bush)!/ Thoughts

Hey guys!

In case you have not heard, you can grow things from your scraps. I am serious. I have been following along and reading online about how to grow things like celery, green onions, peaches, lemons, cabbage, etc. All you have to do is save your scraps. Provided you show the scraps the undeserved attention they deserve, lol!


I have successfully started some lemon plants from the seeds of a real lemon. I have some apple tree plants growing from the seeds of a real apple. I also am trying the pineapple . Yes, you heard me, the Pineapple tree(bush) from scraps.


I took the top of a pineapple I purchased at a local grocery store. I left in water in a cup, keeping only it’s bottom part in the water. I changed the water out with fresh water every day, for about a week or two. Low and behold there came these roots from the bottom. Yay! I love pineapple so to say I was delighted, is an under statement.


I took the pineapple top that had roots and put it in soil. I have it outside on my front porch. It gets light from the sun most of the day, but it has shade too.

So far so good.

I am so happy to see new petals or parts growing in the center of the cap. The edges turned brown and are hard but the inside of them stayed green. Along the time it was in water, new growth started appearing.


You really should give this a try if you love pineapples or if you just like to grow stuff.

I am going to see where this leads and hopefully one day in the future I will have a pineapple tree.


Thanks for reading, best of luck to you all.

Michelle, MwsR <3



19 thoughts on “I am going to grow a pineapple tree(bush)!/ Thoughts

    • Thank you, I am excited to see if it really will amount to a tree or not.

  1. That’s cool I know of people growing pineapples in greenhouses in UK all year round. Worth a go for sure and so fulfilling. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have a nice start to a orchard dear, I hate to disappoint you dear but pineapples don’t grow into trees their a bush that grows up a couple of feet tall, apple trees are funny the seeds you get from a good sweet apple may give you something different because they have a million different protein pairs in them the best way to get a good apple tree is from a cuting of a good tree ( a small branch ) and you need growth hormones to get it to produce roots.


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