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Imagine you are just shy of turning 13

You are thinking of things you want to get for your birthday that’s coming up

A certain someone comes to you one hot summer day

They express that they like the way that you look

Explaining that you are beautiful and fill your sun suit  just right.

You feel weird inside,

Something in those words make you queasy

You feel a sense of running away.

Inside your head you are crying in fear

You know what he meant when he said what he said.


Imagine having to hide from your parent

Wishing they would go and never come back

The way that they talked to you, every move that they took

Made you so sick, you wanted to puke.

The torment you feel for being a female

For having grown up from an adolescent child

The unfairness of the whole thing

The wanting to tell someone but fearing the outcome

Wanting to disfigure yourself so you would look ugly

Because then he would be interested.


Imagine having to tell a person goodnight in the dark

Not having any way of escaping the grabs, the touches

Having to show respect to someone who should have none.

Being alone in a pitch black room,

Hoping he would fall asleep soon.

Screaming in your head while you approach him in his bedroom.

It was too horrible to explain

Too demeaning and hurtful in every way.

My abstinence helped me

Kept that ultimate stain away

But the efforts that he made towards me,

Have left me permanently “blind”.


Imagine being the only one who believed you,

Who helped you and did not give up on you.

That was me, myself and I.

I kept myself whole physically,

Although matters of my heart were damaged.

It is a terrible place to be

A place with so much vulnerability.

Never again,

At least not with me

That type of sin will not touch my heart again.


Imagine a world where things are as they should be

Where a person loves another in the right ways

Where no one gets hurt, no deed goes unpunished

Everyone can have total control of their life.

That is a world I want to live in,

A world where a kid can be a kid

Where everyone is loved genuinely.

Thank you for reading 🙂