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Todays word is “FRIENDS”

I remember that summer, the one that seemed liked it lasted for so long. I was a big fan of Hall and Oats and I enjoy the song ‘Abracadabra” it was the best song for the longest time.

I remember me and my friend Laura having the time of our lives that summer. We both had been planning on me spending a whole week with her in the upcoming summer of 1978. I could not wait for the actual day to finally arrive. Before we both knew it, it was happening. She had moved to Salisbury, about an hour and some away from me in our third grade. We were inseparable back then. Where she was I was, where I was there would be her.

We became friends in our second grade. She was the girl no one noticed much unless to pick on, because she was very quite and reserved. I on the other hand was very outgoing. She would occasionally get picked on by the other kids we went to school with, so of course, I would step in and send them away. I always felt the need to help those that got picked in or was left out of the social circle. Even in elementary, I believe it was my innate right to do so.

We suddenly began finding things we had in common and things we both liked. As I said in the first paragraph, Hall and Oats was definitely one of the things we shared in our likes. We both had wanted to spend our whole week together by going to the beach, but we could get that, our parents did not want to go the beach. This is when we came up with a grand plan for this one week out of the whole summer. We also knew we needed to make the best of things, since she did not live near me anymore and would not be coming back to the school we shared.

Our week’s plan included, making our own beach. Yes, I said that correctly. She had said her father had a sand pile out back of her house, so we thought there would be no harm in using it to create a beach dream , come true. We did just that! We found the perfect place in the yard where we would be all by ourselves and free from peering parent’s eyes. We laid out the sand in an area maybe 5′ by 5′. We went and gathered suntan lotion, a small pool, a beach ball, and our beach chairs. We put on our bathing suits, got our glasses and a radio. We were so set on having a wonderful time at our beach. Just two friends out on our own enjoying the radio and weighing in the water/pool, and enjoying the burning hot sand between our toes, lol.

We did not care much that this was a made-up beach, we just enjoyed everyday, out in her back yard, getting a suntan and listening to the radio as we put our feet down in the sand. The best summer ever, with the absolute best FRIEND a girl could have asked for.

Later on…

We never did that whole week thing again, never even saw each other again, but she gave me what feels like a lifetime of happy childhood memories. Even if it was only a few years, she was by far the best FRIEND ever.


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